Monday, July 06, 2009


"Hill Modern" is a new genre style for the galleries. This is "Tide", 60x36. I'll be doing test to see how the clients and collectors respond, as this is not my normal painting style, but something that has often been ask for.


FCP said...

Really? No way, Darrell. When I see your "old" style of painting, I sense an artist who loves what he does and had a blast painting it. I just don't see the same life, energy and wonderful enthusiasm in the "modern Hill"--Why toy with perfection? Maybe your "clients" who have asked for modern should spend their time convincing the zebras to change their stripes.

Darrell Hill said...

Thanks Faye. Yes it is different and will continue to paint my normal paintings with great love.

LSaeta said...

Wow. This really is different. And because I am such a HUGE FAN of your paintings, I have to admit that I prefer your "old style". You have SUCH A GIFT ... but as an artist I can certainly respect that you want to try something new. Good for you. Now you have two styles and you can appeal to an even broader audience. So my question is, was the painting experience different when you painted this one?

Darrell Hill said...

Leslie - Thanks for the comment. In answer to your question - "MODERN" is a different experience, I work with subtile color depths, making the image or scene a minimum visual form. This genre is not really a 'new' style and my bold impressionism is not really my "old" style, but they are just different. Anytime an artist ventures into a major change in direction it is risky - but fear not - my normal work will continue.