Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Steps of Still Life

Steps to an 8x10 oil on board painting. Here is the setup in the studio. Old tea pot on box with off white fabric and a back drop of dark blue/black. Lighted from the left with simple spot.

Here is the painting. Completed with:
"Gamblin" Transparent Earth Orange
"Gamblin" Venetian Red
"Winsor & Newton" Alizarin Crimson
"Vasari" Cadmium Yellow Deep
"Vasari" Cadmium Yellow light
"DaVinci" Pithalo yellow green
"Lefrnc" Sap green
"Rembrant" Permanet red
"Winsor & Newton" Lamp black
"DaVinci" Titanium white, alkyd

Brushes included: Langnickel, 5590 sable 16
and Langnickel, 5590 sable 4

Framed and shipped to gallery.

1 comment:

J Nocifora said...

Darrell, really love this still life and the frame is gorgeous!