Thursday, August 05, 2010

Special Thanks

NO SURGERY! Special thanks. After weeks of preparation for open heart surgery, my wife and I traveled to Queen's Hospital in Honolulu. We meet with the cardiologists for a pre open heart surgery and coronary ultrasound. The doctor canceled both procedures. He said that within six months to a year the FDA is approving a non evasive procedure; a MitraClip that is delivered by catheter and clips the heart’s mitral valve. He said I was number two on the list.

My special thanks to all my friends, family and artist that prayed and gave special thoughts my way. I especially thank my priest, Fr. John Schroedel and Bishop Benjamin, Bishop of San Francisco and the West
, who gave personal prayer.

I can now look forward to painting and trust the FDA approves the MitraClip.

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Tracy Szekely said...

It is such wonderful news to hear that you can avoid surgery and look forward to an alternative procedure.
I'll wish and pray from British Columbia, Canada for the FDA approval and that you continue to paint and enjoy all the things you love in great health.